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VitaLife Infusion… not just another IV Therapy gimmick

VitaLife Infusion was based on a concept of “hyper-wellness” and health optimization.

Why are we different? We are fully staffed with licensed Physician Assistant with experience in Vascular Surgery and Emergency Medicine, Registered RN’s with experience in both the operating room and emergency and we operate under the supervision of an Orthopedic surgeon who specializes in sports medicine. While we provide home and clinic service  our primary model is event based. Bringing a clean, safe environment to receive IV therapy and rehydration to your event anywhere in Arizona. We service The White Mountain Area, Show Low, Pinetop-Lakeside and surrounding towns but cover events all over Arizona with our mobile unit.

We offer IV hydration and nutraceutical replenishment where you need it most, when you are pushing your body to perform.  Whether that is day in and day out stress with the high speed lifestyle or whether that is so you can perform at your peak, VitaLife Infusion is here to give you the nutrient boost you need.

The nitty gritty….and FAQs

Why are we different?

Most infusions offer the standard myers cocktail? Our infusion is highly concentrated, we combine a similar mix of micronutrients but compound it at a higher level. You’ll feel the difference!

Why is IV infusion so expensive?

The cost of an infusion is often less than an ER or Urgent care visit. We believe in  a proactive approach to health maintenance and support individuals health goals, whether your goal is to recover from chemotherapy, enhance nutrient balance for performance, recover from COVID or other viral illness, we respect your goal and will work hard to develop a plan that works for you…

But you didn’t answer the “cost” question…??

Our Premium IV hydration Therapy infusion is preservative free, single dose vials of micronutrients are more expensive to ship and maintain at proper temperatures. Not to bore you with details but since it is a common question and we believe in transparency…the cost of healthcare providers, insurance, safety measures and shipping “nutraceutical” liquids is costly. But we truly believe in the benefits of healthcare maintenance and want to help move healthcare in a new direction.

Is an IV infusion for me?

We provide a standard health screening and lifestyle analysis. We are happy to direct you to the infusion that is best suited for you and your overall healthcare goals. If you aren’t sure what IV infusion to receive you can book “Provider’s Choice” and we can walk you through your selections. You are not charged until you receive your infusion but please review our cancellation policy.

Are IV Infusions Safe?

Your history is reviewed by a licensed PA and our business practice reviewed by an established Orthopedic Surgeon. Licensed and well practiced RN’s provide IV infusions with complete sterile technique and we offer services in our mobile unit…”The IV RV”

We look forward to helping you reach you health and lifestyle goals.