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Health and Wellness

What is personalized Health and Wellness? Do you feel that the gold standard of healthcare may be missing the goal of preventative healthy living? Traditional allopathically trained providers spend years studying disease, pathology and treatment. This type of training is effective and needed when patients are sick, when a diagnosis needs a treatment, and there […]

Hormone Therapy

BHRT-BioIdentical Hormone Therapy Are you feeling sluggish, tired, having mood swings, unexplained weight gain, fatigue, exhaustion??Having Sleep disturbances, low sex drive, depression, muscle loss?Have you considered a hormone imbalance?At VitaLife Courtney Vallery PA-C is trained in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Here we look beyond your basic hormone levels, we test thoroughly thru saliva, serum and […]

NAD 1000 Addiction Treatment

Young muscular sweaty man after workout outside on sunny day

This infusion series is intended to treat addiction and help with recovery. We can safely infuse up to 2g per day. Therapeutic levels have been found at 800- 1800 mg per day infused over 3-8 hours for 7-16 days dependent upon substance abuse history. NAD+ Therapy floods the brain with co-enzymes to provide 4 key […]

NAD 500 Neurogenerative

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Recommended as an acute series of infusions.3-12 infusions are recommended however most patients feel the direct benefit in 6-10 days, NAd+ at 500mg can help with COVID long haulers, and brain fog, reset and restore neurodegenerative  health, recover from  autoimmune flare-ups, recover from surgery, improve muscle growth and promote healing NAD+ for neurodegenerative restoration is […]

NAD 250 Anti-aging

Back view of a sportsman stretching hands while standing at the beach

This is a 2-hour infusion. NAD+ as an anti-aging treatment. Restore your youthfulness from the inside out. NAD can help with weight management, boost energy levels, ward off age related diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s and increase cognitive function. Try this infusion series to feel younger on a cellular level. For optimal results, we recommend […]

NAD Promo Trial 100mg

Girl runs in the summer in the city, on the morning run

This infusion is designed to prepare your body for a therapeutic dose. We recommend ordering this 1 week prior to receiving your therapeutic dose. This will help your body adjust to IV NAD+ treatment and minimize the side effects. We also use this dose to help guide the adjusted rate of a therapeutic dose to […]

Skin and Age Defying Push

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Combo Glutathione and  Vitamin C This is the ultimate antioxidant IV infusion. Glutathione helps to remove free radicals, peroxides and heavy metals from the body.  Glutathione improves energy levels, supports anti-aging, boosts metabolism and improves the immune system.  Tripeptide, a combination of three amino acids – glycine, glutamine, and cysteine. Glutathione and Vitamin C together […]